I am an associate professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology of Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology since January 2008. There, I am conducting both a scientific and artistic research agenda. My research focuses on building deeper theories for endowing machines with autonomous behaviours, with a focus on creative and artistic applications. Since my arrival at SIAT, I have been conducting research along three directions which I believe to be in synergy.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences
My main contributions in the broad field of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive sciences, have been in the area of artificial agents and multi-agent systems, cognitive modeling, agent communication and automated negotiation. In particular, recent work includes: (1) interest-based negotiation, a novel approach that advocates that parties can increase the likelihood and quality of an agreement by exchanging information about their underlying goals and alternative ways to achieve them and (2) coherentist approach to agent and society design.

2. Computational Creativity, Computer Music and Computer Entertainment
A second stream of research has emerged from the blend between art and science present at SIAT. Metacreation is the idea of endowing machines with creative behavior (as opposed to problem-solving intelligence). At the fundamental level, it raises the question of the formalization and modeling of creativity which is relevant to both AI and cognitive sciences. At the applied level, it aims to endow machines with creative autonomous behavior to meet a growing demand from the creative industries.

3. Artistic Creation and Administration
In parallel to these two streams of research, I am pursuing my artistic production in computer music, sound design, audio and media arts. I am (or have been) serving as an active member and administrator of several artistic collectives (Robonom, Phylm, MIJI), art centers (Avatar, Bus Gallery) and artistic organizations (P: Media art, Machines, Vancouver New Music) in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Overview of the research projects of the Metacreation Lab