I am an associate professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology of Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology since January 2008. There, I am conducting both a scientific and artistic research agenda. My research focuses on the theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence, i.e., endowing machines with autonomous behaviours, with a focus on creative and artistic applications. At the Metacreation Lab for Creative AI, we are conducting work and research in three directions which I believe to be in synergy.

1. Scientific research in Creative AI
Metacreation is the idea of endowing machines with creative behaviour (as opposed to problem-solving intelligence). At the fundamental level, it raises the question of the formalization and modelling of creativity which is relevant to both AI and cognitive sciences. At the applied level, it aims to endow machines with creative, autonomous behaviour to meet growing demand from the creative industries. Be it through new algorithms, new datasets, new empirical studies or methodologies, our work contributes to the broad field of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive sciences. As our generative algorithms are reaching super-human performances, various design questions emerge so as to how best to interface them with human users. We study both online and offline generation through projects in computer-assisted creativity. In this context, we get to collaborate with industrial partners on consumer products.

2. Artistic practice using Creative AI
Acting as demonstrators as well as creative catalysts, we also develop our own artistic practices by using these approaches in music, visuals, and interactive experience generation. Over the years, we have developed and toured audiovisual performances, interactive installations, and immersive experiences. Bridging music, film, dance, sound design, and media art, our artistic production invoke the computationally sublime as much as it questions human co-existence with technoscience.

3. Education, Community Building, and Administration
In parallel to these two streams of research, and in addition to directing the Metacreation Lab for Creative AI, I am engaged in many knowledge dissemination activities ranging from MOOC courses, public talks, tutorials and workshops to service. I have contributed to the academic community, through chairing and curation of the International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA 2015), the International Conference on Movement and Computation (MOCO), the International Workshop on Musical Metaceation (MUME), the International Conference on AI Music Creativity (AIMC), among others. I have been an active member and administrator of several artistic collectives (Robonom, Phylm, MIJI), art centers (Avatar, Bus Gallery) and artistic organizations (P: Media art, Machines, Vancouver New Music) in Europe, Canada and Australia.

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